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Third single from “Incorruptible” is out!

Check out the brand new track - "Great Heathen Army" off the 'Incorruptible'! Grab the track over at:

Pre-Order the album:

ICED EARTH - Great Heathen Army (Lyric Video)

Pre-order Incorruptible

Here it comes, metal heads! Pre-Order now:

US metal masters ICED EARTH have revealed the cover artwork for “Incorruptible”, their brand-new studio album that’s going to be released on June 16th! The stunning artwork (as well as additional illustrations to every song of the new album) was done by David Newman-Stump  from Skeleton Crew Tattoo (pencil illustrations) and Roy Young (colours).

Artwork Revealing

To all Iced Earth fans , be here this  Friday, April 7th as we unleash the new cover artwork for Incorruptible!!
Please share it and tag your friends!


Working titles of the new album

Dear friends,

Do these working song titles for the next Iced Earth album stir excitement within you?  They do us!


New Dawn


Beware the Judas Goat



Clear the Way (December 13, 1862)

Universal Truth

Seven Headed Whore

Black Flag

The Relic

Great Heathen Army (Maldon 991 AD)


Independence Hall, the aptly named Iced Earth headquarters/studio, is nearing completion!

Things are moving forward!


Stay tuned,

Jon Schaffer

Premiering another track from the upcoming album "PLAGUES OF BABYLON"

We are premiering another track from the upcoming "PLAGUES OF BABYLON" album.


Get ready for a serious dose of METAL by following the links below!

European fans and rest of the world: Check out the new track here –

North American fans can check out the new track here –

Tracking complete for "Plagues of Babylon"

Hello brothers and sisters,

I’m proud to announce that we have completed all the tracking for the new album, “Plagues of Babylon”.

There’s quite a selection of epic heaviness on your way, for release early next year.

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