Sons of Liberty - The new project by Jon Schaffer

Sons of Liberty

Hello friends,

For the last several months I have been working on a new project/solo album called Sons of Liberty. I am excited to unveil this and talk about the motivations behind it this Friday on the Alex Jones show.

I will be in the studio with Alex on Friday December 18th at 2pm CST. The show is broadcast from 11am to 3pm CST to over 80 stations nation wide.

To find a station near you, go to GCN Live or stream it LIVE for free from Infowars.

Just click on Infowars and you will be able to follow the broadcast.

Prison Planet members can watch the interview from PrisonPlanet.TV

On a newly created website that will go live Friday, December 18th, you will be able to download and listen to this new album for free. You will also be able to purchase a high-resolution version. The web address is

My desire is for Sons of Liberty to become part of a much larger movement that is happening around the world. This new website will be a think-tank containing lots of interesting web-links, book and movie recommendations, and much more. This will be an ongoing process, so check back often.

I am very proud to be invited to Alex Jones’ show and I feel this is the perfect place for me to reveal the first Sons of Liberty album entitled “Brush-fires of the Mind.”

This is about the message and not the messenger. This is a project that I encourage you to copy and share with your friends.

I care very much about what is happening in our world, we’ve been steamrolling down this road for a long time, so I assure you this is not a politically biased message. I’m hoping to set a few brush-fires in the minds of the listeners with this one. So please, check it out, do the research and get involved!

Looking forward to getting your responses on this new chapter in my life!

All the best,

Jon Schaffer