Can you handle nearly six hours of your favorite metal band?

You'll soon find out.

The intense two-minute trailer from the long-awaited live DVD extravaganza Festivals of the Wicked is now available for your viewing pleasure.

The DVD cover art – featuring Iced Earth “mascot” Set Abominae emerging from the fires of Hell, riffing on a Les Paul – is also posted here.

Festivals of the Wicked boasts nearly six hours of Iced Earth – three full headliner shows (over 40 live tracks!), a photo gallery shot by famed rock photographers Ross Halfin and Rudy De Doncker, plus a 90-minute documentary. It will be released early in 2011.

“I have to say the footage of the band on stage is mind blowing," said Schaffer. "Those who have already seen us will love it. Those who haven’t yet seen Iced Earth will be amazed by what this band can do on stage.”

Drummer Brent Smedley concurs: “The three festivals featured on the DVD were all extremely remarkable and each one memorable in its own way,” he said. “All three were amazing nights where the Metal and the Magic were fully flowing. I think the release of this DVD truly proves my mantra and favorite saying: METAL LIVES!”

Indeed it does.

NOTE: The DVD is in the final stages of editing. Stay tuned here for release-date information.