Iced Earth is forced to cancel appearance at Metal Hammer Paradise Festival 2016

Iced Earth is forced to cancel appearance at Metal Hammer Paradise Festival 2016 due to singer Stu Block’s illness. See statement from Stu below.

“Hello Iced Family!! Stu here, well I have some crappy news, it looks like I have the Zombie Plague!! It’s cool because I have always wanted to see what it would be like to be a Zombie, so I’m embracing it! Seriously though, a day ago I wasn’t feeling very good and now it has blown into Acute Strep Throat with Bronchitis/ Chest infection with Flu like symptoms and a touch of what I swear is the Zombie Plague according to the Doctor… (well not the Zombie part, LOL) I can’t talk and can’t swallow so I’m groaning/mumbling and spitting up what can only be alien mucus eggs into a jar. We never like canceling shows, EVER, but needless to say we won’t be able to perform at Metal Hammer Paradise Fest on November 12th. I won’t be fully recovered by then and I want to be 110% for the Athens and Thessaloniki Greece shows at the end of November and the Headbangers Ball tour starting in December!! I hope you all understand, but health is always the first priority. Cant wait to rock for you guys!! See you all soon!!! BRAINS!!! Stu”

Iced Earth founder, Jon Schaffer remarks “We’re saddened to have to pull the plug on this gig, but my brother’s health is clearly the priority, and we have a pretty grueling schedule right around the corner, so he needs the time to rest and get well. We promise to try to make up the gig in the future and apologize to our friends at Metal Hammer and our fans for these unfortunate circumstances.”

Iced Earth will resume work on their 12th studio album after touring and a short break for the holidays

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